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Mother's Day Incense & Tea Gift Set

Mother's Day Incense & Tea Gift Set

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A curated gift set keeping Mom in mind💖

She loves incense, jewellery, and relaxing with a soothing cup of tea🍵
No more ash creating a mess, our mahogany holder catches all the ash when the incense is burning, calming Mom after a long day.

The gift set includes:
✨3 packs of incense (each packet contains 25 sticks)
✨1 Customized "Mother's Day" Glass Tube holding 20 sticks
✨1 Mahogany custom-designed incense holder
✨20 grams of Ceylon Gold Premium Big Leaf Tea (15 cups of tea)
✨1 Pair of Surgical-grade stainless steel earrings -18K gold plated or silver earrings by @ivyandlua
✨Handmade Mother's Day greeting card handmade by me
✨Samples of Incense
✨Pink ribbon to wrap the gift

The regular price is $130, for $89.95🎊

These beautifully crafted incense sticks are made in Sri Lanka. There is a quality of luxury, exotic and warmth which exudes from them when burning. Their unique blend is a reflection of the tiny, but mighty island in the Indian Ocean.

No more mess! The Mahogany incense holder is handcrafted in Sri Lanka. Each holder holds at least the ash of 30 incense sticks and all the ash falls into the boat-shaped holder.

We offer 24 fragrances:
💐ABUNDANCE - gentle aromatic tropical floral fragrance; excellent for prosperity, success or grounding.

🦟CITRONELLA - a combination of cinnamon, lemongrass and citronella oils; use indoors and outdoors

🌼FRANGIPANI - yellow frangipani has a sweet floral aroma, that wafts gently throughout your home.

🍏GRANNY SMITH - refreshing and vibrant; excellent to uplift your spirit and get reenergized

🌕JASMINE - delicate flower symbolizes purity and grace; excellent to use during the new and full moon

💜LAVENDER - used to keep depression and anxiety at bay and promotes relaxation; open the third eye

🍋LEMONY FRESH - wake up your body, mind and spirit; excellent air freshener and odour remover

🥳MANIFEST - set your intentions and dream big with this warm cinnamon fragrance (crystals not included)

🧑‍🎨MARIGOLD - reminds us of the beauty and warmth of a sunrise, allowing creativity to flow

🌟PROTECTION - an earthy aromatic floral fragrance; can be used to protect the entryways of your home, office, studio

⚡️REVITALIZE - wake up your body, mind and spirit; this is the queen of floral fragrances

🌹ROSE - take a walk in a rose garden and open your heart to the divine feminine energy

☀️SAFFRON - bring warmth into your home with this unique fragrance; excellent to clear the mind

🧘SANDALWOOD - a warm fragrance that can be used for aromatherapy, meditation, prayer and yoga

💗SELF-LOVE - 100% herbal, hand-rolled, no essential oil nor perfumes; burns for 45 minutes

🍓STRAWBERRY JAM - smells like freshly made strawberry jam!

💦WATERFALL - a light floral aroma that is gentle and comforting; an excellent air freshener

🍨VANILLA BEAN - a warm and cozy fragrance that attracts love and brings mental clarity

🍬BROWN SUGA - our signature fragrance that brings you a sugary and sweet aroma

🌟BALANCE - a warm, mild, and nurturing fragrance to be used for grounding and realignment

🧘🏽‍♂️BUDDHA - a soft and floral fragrance; excellent for seeking self-love, acceptance, and guidance

🌱MINT - a minty fragrance that has healing and high vibrational tones that aid in manifesting and protection

😌HARMONY - a soft and floral fragrance that brings calmness and peace to you and your environment

Burn time is 60 minutes per stick
Each stick is 9" in length
No trimming of sticks is required to fit the incense holder. All bamboo sticks are the same size/width.

Directions: Light coated tip. Blow out the flame and place it in a heat-proof holder.
Enjoy the burning stick for 60 minutes. Please keep away from little hands, paws and flammable items.

To maintain the holder, wipe with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. Do not put it in the dishwasher, submerge it in water or use soap/detergent to clean it.

Happy lighting!

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