Image of Indi

Zulah, pronounced “Zoo-lah”, was inspired by bedtime stories of Princess Zulah and her mischievous adventures. Seventeen years later, Zulah is an inspiration of all things the Universe offers on our journey.

Hi, I’m Indi and through my travels I bring all things that inspire joy in my everyday. The simple pleasures in life that give us the most joy – a child’s laughter, the sunset, and a beautiful handcrafted article.

Through the journey of life, my passion is to serve my community with beautiful incense sticks and all things that I used through my healing and self awareness journey (which I will continue until the day I close my eyes!). I am a healer and have a natural curiosity about life and humanity.

I invite you to take a moment, grab a coffee or tea and peruse through our shop for your next gem.